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Is My Payroll Information Safe?

"Cloud computing". It's the latest buzzword. Although an online payroll service might seem convenient, check the news on any given day and you are bound to read about the latest "cloud" security virus or data breach. And what happens to all your payroll data if that online company goes out of business?

In today’s age of identity theft and internet security breaches, you can feel confident trusting NannyPay with your and your employee's sensitive payroll data and personal information. With NannyPay, only YOU have control and access to your payroll data, as both the NannyPay software and your datafile are maintained on your personal computer and not "in the“cloud” on some obscure Internet server. With NannyPay, not only will you save money compared to using these online services, but you can rest assured your data and other personally identifiable information is "safe and sound".