Save $40 OFF NannyPay for Tax Season

$4o Off NannyPay this Tax Season Based on the great response from new customers we have extended our Tax Season Savings on NannyPay through 4.17.18. Use coupon code 40OFFNP2018 to Save $40 OFF NannyPay for New Customers. Coupon valid for new customers of NannyPay and not valid for cash, previous purchases or renewals. Find your New Way to Pay with NannyPay Payroll Software for Household Employees!

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Minimum Wage Requirements Remain Varies in Absence of Federal Action

Lack of Minimum Wage Movement The federal minimum hourly wage of $7.25 was last changed in 2009, but some states and cities have established their own wage and benefit requirements in the absence of federal action. The establishment of city and county minimum wage requirements have led some states to try to curtail those local requirements to avoid a patchwork of requirements across the same state. The first $15 statewide hourly minimum wages were signed into law earlier this month by California and New York, but increase the hourly rate gradually over the next few years to $15. Several California [...]

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