How to Give Your Nanny a Bonus

End of Year Bonus Time for your Nanny Holiday time is approaching and you may be considering offering your nanny or other household employee a cash bonus. You have two options (aside from just giving her the cash), either cut your employee a separate bonus check or include it with their regular payroll. Here's how to pay your bonus using NannyPay2 for each scenario. Scenario 1: You want to give your employee a separate bonus check Step 1: Make sure you are using the the most recent version of NannyPay2. If you are unsure, click "Check for Updates" under the [...]

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Is That Turkey Taxable?

Thinking of Providing a Gift to your Household Employee for Thanksgiving? Autumn table setting with pumpkins. Thanksgiving dinner and autumn decoration. If so, you are not alone. A recent survey of employers revealed that upwards of 26% of employers will provide some form of Thanksgiving gift this year to their employees, an historically high percentage. But is that gift taxable? In general, under IRS guidelines, if the value and frequency with which the gift or benefit is provided is so small as to make accounting for it unreasonable or impractical, it’s not taxable. This is what the [...]

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DC UC Wage Base Increases for 2016

Unemployment Tax Wage Rising District of Columbia employers should note that the unemployment taxable wage base will be $9,000, effective December 1, 2016. Many other states are likewise raising their UC wage bases for tax year 2016. NannyPay customers should remember to change the UC settings in the software to reflect these changes before the first pay period in 2016 to insure their withholdings are correct.

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FLSA Lawsuits Headed For Record High in 2015

FLSA Lawsuits Big Impact for Nannies A recent review of federal court filings as of August, 2015, demonstrates a substantial increase in the number of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) civil filings compared to the same period last year. If the rate continues, it would be the largest number of FLSA civil cases since the fiscal crisis of 2008. Generally speaking, the FLSA requires employers of hourly wage earners, such as nannies, to pay overtime pay to those employees who work more than 40 hours in a week. Household employers who pay “under the table”, incorrectly classify their nannies as [...]

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Is Nanny Camp for Real?

Summertime means Nanny Camp It’s the summer… you may or may not be taking a vacation. For some you many choose to bring your nanny others may choose to give time off. What if there was a Nanny Camp? Ok well maybe not a real camp, but a chance for you to invest in your employee and take full advantage this time when you kids are with you! Think about it… many successful businesses live by the motto - invest in your employees to invest in your company. It works the same way with your household employees. Take care of [...]

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Just In Case – Preparing for an Emergency

Hoping for the Best but always Prepared for an Emergency As a Mom and a former nanny - my biggest fear is what if there is an emergency! I fully understand you cannot keep kids in a bubble or protect them from everything... but I do know you can be prepared. Today's Technology Prepares Nanny's for an Emergency Thanks to technology (when I was a nanny it was a laminated paper) and use of smartphones - help can be just a click away. I am able to keep all relevant medical information and contacts in an online secure document for [...]

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Picky, Picky Eaters with No Options

Healthy Snack Options for your Picky Little Eaters After school can be a drag for kids especially elementary school age. They get off the bus or get picked up and the first thing they want to do is grab a snack if they are not already playing.  Of course they are hungry they just had a full afternoon of learning and it’s time to eat. For many parents and nannies the goal is to get the kids to eat healthy, not just chips and soda. The challenge is convincing them to eat healthy especially when the individual bag of chips [...]

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A Time Warp or A Time Suck?

Modernizing your Nanny Time-card Technology Keeping it all straight is never easy in life or paying your employees. Especially when you have to log and track the daily and weekly hours your nanny or household employees. When it comes time to cut a check you have to turn to the ‘timecard:’ what days did they work? and how long? Even if you pay your household employees every week or other week - keeping track of the hours put in can be a hassle. If your household employee is on salary there is no math needed, but sometimes it is nice [...]

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Keeping in Touch with your Nanny

Staying in Touch with your Nanny without Being a Nuisance Days are busy. Time is short. The hand-off from nanny to parents is often quick and distracting with all the hellos, hugs and kisses. So what is the best way to stay in touch with your Nanny and the happenings of the day without seeming like a nag? Today's Technology for Today's Mom Why not turn to technology? That’s right - there is an APP for that! BABYCONNECT Is a paid app that will allow the parents and nannies to stay connected with the latest and greatest happenings with [...]

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NannyPay, Not Just for Nannies

Our name may say nanny but our software is more just that. Did you know you can use NannyPay for any household employee such as housekeeper, maid, lawn care or babysitter? Learn more about our NannyPay2 Staff Edition on our Product page.

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