Jelly Bean Day – April 22nd

Fun Things to do on Jelly Bean Day Jelly Bean Day celebrates the entire rainbow of jelly bean flavors. Have fun on this day with a few fun activities including: Guess the Number We’ve all seen this before, but fill a jar with jelly beans and see how close your child can come to how many are in the jar. It’s a fun and educational experience to guess the number and then count them all out. Maybe count them as a full total and then separate the colors for even more guessing. Guess the Flavor Jelly Beans have come a [...]

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National Family Health and Fitness Day

Get Healthy with National Family Health and Fitness Day This Saturday, September 30th, get the family together for some health and fitness fun! Promoting a healthy lifestyle, can be so much fun with the kids. Physical, mental, and dietary health can all be incorporated into this special day with the kids. Physical Activities and Exercise Encourage a game of tag, or show them how to do jumping jacks, or dancing and other heart rate increasing exercises. Encourage challenges and competition to make it fun for them. Maybe introduce them to yoga or a practice that can help calm them. Maybe [...]

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Bloggy Boot Camp Philadelphia

Annual Bloggy Boot Camp What an amazing conference and group of women and a few brave men!  September is always a great kickoff to Fall and the end of the year push for a strong close. Women Get Social This event was unique for us at NannyPay as we not only were able to learn from the great panel of speakers but were also able to meet so many bloggers and Mom's who love DIY. We had a social media consultant, Kristin, mixing and mingling with bloggers during the 2 day conference. "It was so great to see so many [...]

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