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Seven Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Show Your Nanny Appreciation

She has such a special relationship with your children, they love her like she’s part of the family, and you don’t know what you’d do without her!  But with the press of your everyday life, including tasks specific to paying your nanny each week and those pesky nanny taxes, it’s easy to take your nanny for granted.  Although National Nanny Recognition Week will be taking place this September 22- 28, it’s always a good idea to let your caregiver know how much she means to you and your family now and throughout the entire year.  If you’re looking for gift [...]

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Juggling Elder Care and a Full-Time Job

Taking care of an aging parent or loved one, while holding down a full-time job, can make it feel like you are working around the clock. With the added stress, minimal sleep and twice the amount of responsibility, you may be left feeling exhausted.    According to the Family Caregiver Alliance,  as many as 42 percent of employed Americans have provided eldercare to a parent or senior family member in the last five years.  The average age of these elder caregivers is 49, which also happens to be a peak time for earnings and career achievement.  Providing care for an elderly [...]

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June Just Got Tastier

It’s time to eat up! June 17th is National Eat Your Veggies day. What’s a summer BBQ without corn on the cob, a side of potato salad, freshly roasted asparagus and a slice of juicy watermelon? Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, research has shown that people who consume fruits and veggies as part of their daily diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases such as heart disease, and are more likely to be protected against certain types of cancers. Fruits and veggies are naturally low in calories, many are high in fiber, and some [...]

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Does the Summer have you feeling Sandwiched and Stressed?

Taking care of the little ones can be stressful enough, but adding an aging parent to the mix can be downright exhausting.  Your aging parent may have medical needs such as Alzheimer’s disease or physical limitations, which can add another level of stress.  It certainly does not get any easier when the kids are home for summer break and everyone’s routine is a little off. The Sandwich Generation People taking care of both their children and their parents make up what is known as “the sandwich generation.”  According to The Pew Research Center, the sandwich generation is composed of those [...]

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Searching for Your Summer Nanny

After what seemed like a never-ending winter, summer may have completely snuck up on you! School’s out, camps are filled, and you haven’t yet secured someone to watch the kids.  No need to worry – there’s still time to find a great nanny! Here are some tips on finding the perfect summer nanny or babysitter for your family: Referrals. Personal recommendations are always a great option. Since the people you are asking know your family, they can help make a great match. Talk to your neighbors, local family and friends to see who they’ve used and liked. You’ll get the [...]

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Thinking Outside the Screen

School’s out for summer!  Your children may be excited to toss the backpacks, forget about the homework, and park themselves in front of their screens.  But you might not want them to get too comfortable. Last month the World Health Organization came out with new guidelines surrounding screen time, recommending no more than an hour for those under the age of five. While every home has its own rules regarding screen time, it’s important to fill your nanny in on yours. Let her know the limits that have been set, what your children need to do to earn their screen [...]

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Before you write that check, conduct a background check

One of our biggest worries when it comes to our loved ones is keeping them safe.  It’s hard for little ones and some seniors to communicate exactly what is happening in the home when you are not there. Whether you are leaving your children alone with a nanny or hiring an elder caregiver to take care of an aging parent, you’ll want to know they are in good, trustworthy and capable hands. After extensive interviews and meetings with your potential nanny/caregiver, you find someone who you feel comfortable with and who seems like the perfect fit for your family.  But [...]

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Don’t Go Under by Paying “Under the Table”

After several interviews you finally find the perfect nanny.  She gets along well with your children, has a flexible schedule that’s a match for your hectic one, and her references are glowing. One catch – when you discuss salary, she asks to be paid “under the table.” Here are a few reasons why you might be tempted to comply with her request and pay her “under the table”:   There would be no need to pay the ‘Nanny Tax’, allowing you to offer a higher salary. Your sought-after nanny may have received a similar offer from someone else who will [...]

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Nanny Tax: Know The Facts

Tax season is here! In this article, you’ll find a quick checklist of things you need to know about about filing your nanny taxes the right way. First, let’s be frank.  Although household employment tax laws certainly add an additional expense to your childcare budget, you really can’t afford not to comply with the law. Although some nannies may even ask to be paid “under the table”, a family that agrees to such an arrangement is taking significant legal and financial risks.  In long run, if you fail to pay your nanny legally, and get caught, it can cost you [...]

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How To Become a Paid Caregiver For a Family Member

Caregiving has always been considered a fulfilling task, especially when it comes to caring for your family. However, it can be financially stressful because it can take up your time and energy, which you could have used in financially productive activities. If you are a caregiver for a family member, you should know the various financial assistance possibilities available to you. These can come from the government, private organizations, social enterprises, or even your family. Seek aid from a government-funded program The US government sponsors several statewide and nationwide programs that provide financial assistance to caregivers. Eligibility for these programs [...]

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