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Tax Time: What You Need to Know About Nanny Taxes

The Nanny Tax and What you Should Know If you employ a nanny, eldercare giver, private nurse or other household employee, you likely are required to pay the so-called “Nanny Tax”.  According to the IRS, if you employ someone to do work in or around your home, he or she will be regarded as your household employee if you (the employer) control: The type of work the person performs, and How that person performs his job (the daily instructions you give) If the worker is your employee, and you pay them over a specific wage amount, you are required by [...]

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Do You Have a Household Employee?

Defining Household Employees A household employee refers to someone who receives wages in return for providing a service within their employer’s residence. According to the IRS, if you control what work is done by the worker and how it is done, that worker will be considered your employee. Work done in or around your residence is considered household work. The following types of workers are typically treated as household employees for employment tax purposes: Nannies Babysitters (with some exceptions) Eldercare providers or elder caregivers Private nurses Health aides Housekeepers or house cleaners (but not independent cleaning companies) Drivers or chauffeurs [...]

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Is NannyPay Worth It?

Managing your Home Employees Payroll and Taxes Did you know that if you have a household employee, in order to do things legitimately, you have to have a payroll system in place to pay tax obligations if you pay your employee more than $2,100 a year (as of 2019.) Having a payroll company do it for you, however, can add on thousands to your costs. But with a little elbow grease and patience, you can actually do this yourself with DIY payroll management software. And that is exactly what Nannypay is – a secure and cost-effective payroll software for calculating [...]

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