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Fall Activities for Your Children

Family Fun for the Fall As fall arrives and seasons change, it's time to begin to think about planning activities for your children to enjoy. Working parents will find that it makes sense to schedule events for your child to enjoy both with you and with their caregiver, so that no matter what their daily routine, there's something special for the season that they can enjoy. If you're coming up short for ideas for autumn activities, consider the following: Bake Autumn Themed Treats One enjoyable part of the fall season approaching is preparing to enjoy autumn themed treats with your [...]

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Tips to a Successful Start to School Year with Your Nanny

How to Have a Successful Start to the New School Year with Your Nanny As evening temperatures begin to drop and our calendars scroll past the summer months, it's time to turn our thoughts to preparing for the back-to-school routine. For children, this can mean new transportation schedules, teachers, classrooms, and coaches. For adults, however, it means coordinating purchases, events, routines, and calendars -- all while managing the normal routines of business and home. As your family and your professional caregivers get ready for back-to-school, let's examine a few ways to make the transition easier for everyone involved: Communicate Clearly [...]

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Six Easy Couponing Tips for Busy Parents

A Coupon Clipped is a Coupon Earned Having little ones can be hard on the wallet. If you find that your grocery budget is getting higher and higher each month, with no end in sight, it may be time to evaluate your options for saving money. Couponing has come a long way since the days of clipping paper coupons from multiple newspapers, and you may be able to save your family some money in just a few minutes each week. Let’s look at a few ways you can coupon using modern techniques to save money on groceries: Organize Your Coupons [...]

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