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A Scheduling Nightmare Averted

Dealing with the Multiple Schedules of Family Life Let's face it we're all busy, in fact most of us are too busy for our own good. When it comes down to it juggling not only a work schedule but family and individual child schedules it is not easy. It should come with a user manual or a how to for working parents with kids in school and after school activities and a nanny. Keeping an accurate, synced and organized calendar is something to shoot for and we want to help. So how do organized families keep it all straight? We [...]

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Reminder: 2015 Forms W-2

Don't forget your W-2 Household employers were required to provide their employees a Form W-2 for wages paid to them in 2015 by February 1st.  If you haven’t already done this yet, you should so so immediately. Paper filers are reminded that Copy A of all your Forms W-2, along with a Form W-3,  by February 29th.  If you miss that deadline for some reason, you can file electronically by March 31st and still not be considered late. This will be the last tax year in which the IRS will offer this “electronic filing extension”.  President Obama recently signed legislation [...]

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