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Picky, Picky Eaters with No Options

Healthy Snack Options for your Picky Little Eaters After school can be a drag for kids especially elementary school age. They get off the bus or get picked up and the first thing they want to do is grab a snack if they are not already playing.  Of course they are hungry they just had a full afternoon of learning and it’s time to eat. For many parents and nannies the goal is to get the kids to eat healthy, not just chips and soda. The challenge is convincing them to eat healthy especially when the individual bag of chips [...]

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A Time Warp or A Time Suck?

Modernizing your Nanny Time-card Technology Keeping it all straight is never easy in life or paying your employees. Especially when you have to log and track the daily and weekly hours your nanny or household employees. When it comes time to cut a check you have to turn to the ‘timecard:’ what days did they work? and how long? Even if you pay your household employees every week or other week - keeping track of the hours put in can be a hassle. If your household employee is on salary there is no math needed, but sometimes it is nice [...]

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