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Legal Rights as a Nanny & Home Employer

Pros & Cons of Being Paid Under the Table As a nanny or other type of in home caregiver, why should you insist on being paid legally rather than “under the table”? At first glance, the benefits of tax-free income may seem enticing but take a closer look at what you are losing and you will see that the trade off is far costlier. When you are paid “under the table” you are not officially an employee and hence, are automatically waiving all of the rights and protections the law affords to you as such. From a practical perspective, being [...]

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Keeping in Touch with your Nanny

Staying in Touch with your Nanny without Being a Nuisance Days are busy. Time is short. The hand-off from nanny to parents is often quick and distracting with all the hellos, hugs and kisses. So what is the best way to stay in touch with your Nanny and the happenings of the day without seeming like a nag? Today's Technology for Today's Mom Why not turn to technology? That’s right - there is an APP for that! BABYCONNECT Is a paid app that will allow the parents and nannies to stay connected with the latest and greatest happenings with [...]

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