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Keeping in Touch with your Nanny

Days are busy. Time is short. The hand-off from nanny to parents is often quick and distracting with all the hellos, hugs and kisses. So what is the best way to stay in touch with your Nanny and the happenings of the day without seeming like a nag? Why not turn to technology? That’s right - there is an APP for that! BABYCONNECT Is a paid app that will allow the parents and nannies to stay connected with the latest and greatest happenings with the kids. During the day the nanny can snap photos and record notes and logs [...]

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A Nanny Job Description

Are you looking to hire a full time or part time nanny? When you are looking to hire in any industry the first thing to do is put together a job description. What will you be asking this person to do on a regular basis - the primary and secondary tasks? For most part the care and well-being of your children is first and foremost. Secondary tasks include the day to day management of the home. Some families look for an all in one full time nanny to care for all things at the home from laundry to errands to [...]

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner or Take Out

What do you do when you and/or your spouse get home from work right as you should be sitting down to eat dinner? Does the nanny prep the dinner, eat later and you quickly put something together or do you order take out? Over a decade ago I was the nanny that had to do the cooking - I did it and had a blast but I had no experience and I am not even sure it was even good. The Mom was great at being prepared during the week in making sure she had the necessary food for dinner [...]

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Why You Should Want Your Employer to Pay You “Over the Table”…

Injured on the Job as a Nanny - Workers' Compensation Benefits Imagine the scenario, as the nanny you are playing with the child and trip over something falling and injure yourself leaving you unable to care for the child for a few weeks. Who pays for treatment and pays while you are not working? As a Workers’ Compensation Attorney, my number one reason for helping the injured worker is to get them workers’ compensation benefits that they may be entitled to. Let’s say that you are interviewed for a job in Pennsylvania, and are considering taking the position, but the [...]

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NannyPay, Not Just for Nannies

Our name may say nanny but our software is more just that. Did you know you can use NannyPay for any household employee such as housekeeper, maid, lawn care or babysitter? Learn more about our NannyPay2 Staff Edition on our Product page.

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Bloggy Boot Camp Philadelphia

What an amazing conference and group of women and a few brave men!  September is always a great kickoff to Fall and the end of the year push for a strong close. This event was unique for us at NannyPay as we not only were able to learn from the great panel of speakers but were also able to meet so many bloggers and Mom's who love DIY. We had a social media consultant, Kristin, mixing and mingling with bloggers during the 2 day conference. "It was so great to see so many determined, successful and motivate women in a [...]

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Welcome to our new website. We hope to provide you with not only great software and service but some tips along the way.

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